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Step Six: Maintain Work

Once you get hired, the real work begins.

  1. Upon completion of this section: You will be able to describe actions to take to keep a job.
  2. Increase knowledge and skills.


To excel at your new job and prepare for your next job you need to be STRATEGIC.

S = Seek Advice
T = Take Risks
R = Conduct Research
A = Form Alliances
T = Engage in Training and Development
E = Stay Energetic
G = Set Goals
I = Be Innovative
C = Make a Commitment

S-Seek Advice
Continue to connect with people. Ask those you know or meet for career advice. Read career management books. Go to a career counselor. Visit a Workforce Center and ask for assistance. Learn what works and then do it!

T-Take Risks
Step outside your routine. Ask for new assignments that will stretch your skills and raise your profile. Research and request equipment that will help you do your job better. Do work that may earn you a promotion. Consider changing fields.

Assess yourself: identify and study your interests in depth. Read about other companies and occupations, the economy and trends in your field. Research gives you an edge; if your circumstances change or you change, you'll be ready.

Develop relationships with people in your organization, profession, industry and community. They may bring you opportunities and information. Volunteer and share your time and talents with others. Give back the help you received when you were job hunting.

Your success depends on lifelong learning. Increasing your knowledge and skills makes you more flexible, able to take on different types of work when your first choice isn't available. Read about your field, attend conferences and workshops. Take courses at your local college. Go back to school. Your employer might pay for some of this training, so investigate it!

Take care of yourself. Eat well and exercise regularly. Surround yourself with upbeat, supportive people. Stay positive; it's the best energizer of all. It helps you attract healthy people and get more done.

Establish goals that reflect your purpose or mission in life. Visualize yourself in your ideal job. What do you do? Who's with you? What's the environment? Develop and implement the steps needed to achieve your vision.

Try something new so you can do your work better, faster, cheaper. Innovation combines creativity with common sense and requires you to turn your ideas into reality. Suggest ways to improve operations!

Commit to guiding your career's future. Plan your life--don't just react to events. Then implement your ideas. Invest in yourself and your future the way any entrepreneur would.


Congratulations you have completed the Job Hunter's Guide course. Once you start working, you will use every tool you have learned about in this course.

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