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Step Two:   Prepare Yourself

In Step One, you identified what skills and experience you can offer. Now it's time to prepare for the job hunt. That means getting yourself organized, supported and interview-ready.

  1. Upon completion of this section: You will be able to prepare for the job hunt.
  2. Pick out appropriate work attire and supplies
  3. Create a support system.

Let's begin by getting organized.


A portfolio collects examples of your work and training so you can show employers.  

There are many benefits of having a having a portfolio. In this section we list how it should look, what to include and how to use your portfolio.   An example is also provided.

Portfolio makes you stand out from the competition

Can be very simple

Using Your Portfolio

Fill your portfolio with the items listed below.

  1. Work-related items.
  2. Items that bring résumé to life.
  3. Items related to the job.
  4. Copies for interviewer to keep.
  5. Relevant volunteer activities.

Portfolio Example

EXAMPLE: Sample table of contents for an auto body repairer's portfolio.

Table of Contents

Résumé            p. 1
Reference list    p. 2

Customer evaluations/comments           p. 3
Job evaluations             p. 5
Awards p. 7
Letters of recommendation        p. 8

Copies of degrees         p. 11
Training certificates       p. 12

Sample of Work
Before/after repair photos         p. 15
Work schedule (shows speed)   p. 21
Writing sample   p. 17
Spreadsheet (math ability)         p. 19

Résumé Achievement Statements

A résumé is a list of your achievements. To help list your achievements review the questions below concerning your past jobs, extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

When answering, make sure each sentence contains three components:


Here are some examples of achievement statements. Using numbers gives them more impact.

Résumé Guidelines

The purpose of a résumé is to get an interview. To make your résumé appealing to employers follow these résumé writing guidelines.

General Guidelines

Three Resume Types

The Words

Résumé Guidelines

You have seen the words and content to include in the different types of resumes.   Here are additional guidelines to follow.

The Look

Your résumé should look: professional--on white or very light bond paper;

Before You Send It Out

Mistakes or sloppiness on your résumé can cost you jobs.

Why Be Honest?

How to Use It

Once your résumé is complete, submit it properly.

Résumé Guidelines

There are many things to include and not include in your resume?




Prepare yourself for job hunting by having the following basic supplies:


Official papers

Education List

Work/Volunteer List

Housing List

Here is a list of basic office supplies you will need:

  1. Pens and Highlighter
  2. Stationery paper, envelopes and stamps
  3. Paper clips and Stapler
  4. Calendar and Notebook
  5. Three ring binder and sheet protectors for portfolio


Job hunting is a business. You need to look the part.

If you don't have clothes that are appropriate for an interview borrow or buy one good "interviewing suit."

How to know what to wear

Where to get the clothes

What to Bring

Interview Basics for Women

Interview Basics for Men

Interview Grooming Checklist

The Interview Grooming Checklist below can help you prepare your wardrobe and appearance.


References are like customer referrals. Employers want to talk to people who know your work and character. Eventually you'll be asked for a reference list on an application form or during an interview.

Identify Potential References

Get Permission

Prepare Your List

Ask for a Letter

Support System

Job hunting can be as tough as starting your own business. Make sure you get the emotional and social support you need to get you through any tough times you encounter.

Keep It Simple. Job hunting requires multi-tasking, so keep it simple!

Ask for Help. Identify supporters and then ask for their active assistance.

Deal with Your Feelings.

Care for Yourself Physically

A great way to have a support system is to start by caring for yourself physically.

Below are actions that will help keep you physically fit.

Identify Your Support System

Let's identify which of your friends can provide the different types of support you'll need while job hunting. You can list as many people per type as you wish. Ask yourself:   Who is my...



Information Broker?

Public Relations Rep?


Completion of Prepare. Continue to the next section or any other section.

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