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So you’re looking for a job. Maybe you’ve been laid off. Or are reentering the workforce after taking a break to raise a family. Maybe this is your first job ever. You may think you’re “unemployed,” but you’re not. The truth is, you are already employed. You work for yourself and your job is to find a new job.

Job Hunting Model
To secure a job you should follow the Job Hunting Model, which includes six steps. Each of these steps will be described in detail throughout the course.

  1. Assess Yourself
  2. Prepare Yourself
  3. Search for a Job
  4. Contact Employers
  5. Interview
  6. And Maintain Work

Course Objective

The objective of this course is to help you get a job. But getting a job does not end the job hunting process. Confused? If you consider the average worker will change jobs nine times during their worklife, there’s a good chance this won’t be your last job search. Getting a job is important. Earning the knowledge and skills that will allow you to grow within a job or to get a better job is critical. By following the Job Hunting Model, you’re not only increasing your chances of getting a job but also working toward lifelong employability.

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