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Succeed at Work Course
Introduction | Acting Self-Employed | Starting a New Job | Being an Excellent Employee | Living a Balanced Life | Enjoying Your Current Position

Stage One: Acting Self-Employed

Acting self-employed gives you the vision, power and flexibility to succeed in a world where job security no longer exists.

Upon completion of this section:

  1. You will be able to assess the new world of work.
  2. You will be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages.
  3. You will be able to respond with specific actions to take.

The New World of Work

The world of work has changed the job model, the education required and how employers and employees view each other.

Let's start by looking at how jobs have changed.

How It Used to Be

How It Is Today

You're in Charge

Because of the changes to the world of work you must take responsibility for your working life.

Your education and training

Your job performance

Your career advancement.

Advantages to New World of Work

There are several advantages in the new world of work.

You Relate to Others as Equals
Supervisors seem less like parents and more like coaches. You honor their authority but know that you "joined the team" voluntarily and can leave any time. You also know that they can "trade" you any time they don't like your performance.

You Find Greater Fulfillment in Work
You can choose work that you find fulfilling. Since no job offers real security, why not do what you love?   Shop around and find the type of work and environment that suits you best.

You Keep Growing
To stay competitive you improve your skills, increase your knowledge and build relationships with others.   You must be flexible and able to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. You must be able to transfer your skills to different types of work.

You Define Yourself
Defining yourself rather than letting a particular job define you--is empowering. It's the difference between saying "I was a house painter, carpenter and drafter" and saying "I'm good with my hands and I've put my skills to use over the years in painting, carpentry and drafting." Telling your own story puts you in charge.

Possible Disadvantages to New World of Work

Some people might see some of the requirements of the new world of work as disadvantages.   You decide for yourself.

You Must Provide Great Service
If you are lazy, uncaring or disrespectful, you will not fare well in the work world.   Those who don't deliver quality service will find themselves out of a job.

You Admit that You Have No Job Security
You have to admit to yourself that job security no longer exists. Your employer may go out of business or lay you off. Another company may buy your employer's company and "restructure" you out of a job. Technology may change and make your job unnecessary.

You Must Grow
You must constantly update and increase your skills and knowledge to stay marketable.

You Must Define Yourself
It can be a challenge to plan, follow-through and manage your own career. It takes effort. It demands risks. While many find it exciting, others do not. Unfortunately, there's no returning to the days when your job or your employer defined who you were and where your career would lead.

Actions to Take

There are actions you can take to be successful in the new world of work.   The first is to aim for lifelong employability, not lifelong employment.

Employability means you can readily find a new job when needed, that employers want to hire you. It requires that you:

Most people react to events, rather than taking the initiative. To succeed you must look ahead and do the following:

Completion of Acting Self-Employed. Continue to the next section or any other section.

Introduction | Acting Self-Employed | Starting a New Job | Being an Excellent Employee | Living a Balanced Life | Enjoying Your Current Position

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