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Introduction | Losing Your Job | Coping with Feelings | Caring for Yourself and Your Family | Searching for a New Job | Landing Your New Job

Phase One: Losing Your Job

Job loss is a difficult situation to endure.

Upon completion of this section:

  1. You will be able to identify reasons why it happens.
  2. You will be able to recognize the warning signs.
  3. You will be able to respond with specific actions to take.

Why It Happens

Job security is a thing of the past. In the New Economy of the 21st Century, we’re all like self-employed contractors whose work is never guaranteed. View the cold facts of the new economy and employment.

The New Economy:

New Vision of Employment

Sometimes job loss happens due to the company and sometimes due to the individual. Many times you never know exactly why you were let go. Below are reasons for job loss due to a company and due to an individual.



Warning Signs: Company is in Trouble

Did you see the layoffs coming? Be aware of your company’s health and direction at all times.

Here are some signs your company is in trouble.

Cuts Benefits & Payroll

Cuts Expenses

Fewer Customers

Unusual Executive Actions

Warning Signs: You’re in Trouble

If you are an excellent employee who gets along with others, you are less likely to lose your job.

Here are some signs you’re at risk of losing your job:



Supervisor Actions

Low work performance is definitely a sign you’re in trouble.

Here are some signs of low work performance?

Actions to Take

When you see warning signs that you or your company is in trouble, take action.

Below are some actions you can take.

Gather Information

Prepare Mentally

Prepare Financially

Search for Another Job

Don’t quit before you find another job unless you just can’t take your current situation.

Resigning means:

Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Unemployment Insurance (UI) may provide income while you look for a new job. In general, you are qualified for UI benefits if you were laid off, rather than fired for cause.

Rules of Thumb for UI Eligibility

  1. You must be unemployed or partially unemployed through no fault of your own.
  2. Earned sufficient wages prior to termination in the 12 preceding months.

Job loss brings financial difficulties.

To avoid these financial difficulties take the following actions.

When It Happens

Whether you expect it or not, the moment you lose your job is a blow.

Know what to expect.

How You Might Get the News

What NOT to Do

What should you do when you are being told of the lay off?

Your Final Days at Work

If you must work for a time after your termination notice, use the time to finish projects and network for job leads.



Completion of Losing Your Job. Continue to the next section or any other section.

Introduction | Losing Your Job | Coping with Feelings | Caring for Yourself and Your Family | Searching for a New Job | Landing Your New Job

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